Jumping on the Bandwagon


WTMJ was the last of the holdouts in Milwaukee.

But, finally they just couldn't stand be the only one not at the 4:30AM party.

Yesterday, the station announced that there were going to follow everyone else in the market and start doing a 4:30AM newscast.

"People’s morning routines are changing. As more of our viewers are getting up earlier, we want to be right there with them," Steve Wexler, the NBC affiliate’s GM and the executive vice president of Journal Broadcast Group, said in a statement.

"We want our viewers to leave the house each morning with a feeling they have everything they need to get their day started right," said WTMJ News Director and Vice President of News for Journal Broadcast Group Bill Berra.

"Giving them the option of an earlier newscast is part of that commitment."

It was more like following the competition than it was a commitment.

Just saying....