Before Stroke Reporter Was Going to Sue Her Station

  Heather Ishimaru

Heather Ishimaru

Days before she suffered a serious stroke, KGO reporter, Heather Ishimaru, was about to file a hostile work-environment lawsuit against the station, according to blogger Rich Lieberman.

Ishimaru suffered the stroke and now lays in a San Francisco rehab facility unable to speak or swallow food. 

Her attorney, Angela Alioto, confirmed to Lieberman that Ishimaru had planned to file a lawsuit.

"She, (Ishimaru), wrote three letters to management, (News Director, Tracey Watkowski and Assistant ND, Stephainie Adrouney),  about some work-related issues then suddenly she had her medical setback," Alioto said.

Insiders say that Ishimaru, who is a veteran and much-respected reporter, had asked for some time away from the station dealing with a family matter involving one of her kids, a special-needs child.

Alioto confirmed this account.

"Heather has an incredible performance record. She was harassed and treated differently by her superiors Stephanie and Tracey concerning medical leave to take care of her son. Heather was very stressed out about the treatment."

Watkowski did not return phone calls requesting comment.