It's Not About Safety, It's About $$$

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DirecTV has dropped The Weather Channel and now we're all going to die.

At least that's how The Weather Channel wants us to see it.  

The pissing match is all about retrains fees with DirecTV.

TWC says that they want just one penny more per subscriber from DirecTV to broadcast their signal. A penny doesn't sound like much, until you consider the fact that DirecTV has 20 million subscribers, then you realize we're talking real cash here.

The Weather Channel is claiming that it is irresponsible for DirecTV to drop them and it is putting the safety of the public in danger.

FTVLive wants to make two points here.

No. 1 - If you have really nasty severe weather moving into your area, like the tornado is just blocks away, are you watching The Weather Channel?

No. You're tuning into a local channel. 

Now of course, if your Mom's living in another state and her area is being hit with wicked weather, then yes, you're watching The Weather Channel to see what's going on with Mom?

The bottom line is very few people that are in the path of severe weather are turning to The Weather Channel. It is more a way to catch up on weather news outside your market.

No. 2 - If this is really about public safety and The Weather Channel and corporate parent Comcast/NBC care, then why are they asking for any money at all from DirecTV or the other providers?

Why aren't they providing them with their signal for free?

Comcast/NBC is a major corporation, if they really care, make The Weather Channel free. It's not like they can't afford it.

The fact is this has nothing to do with public safety, if it did than Comcast/NBC would do the right thing and give away their signal.

They can pitch the public that it's about safety, but the truth is it's all about the money. 

It's always about the money.