Another Bad Day for New Day


CNN's Jeff Zucker says that this is the year he will focus his attention on CNN's primetime line-up.

He just might want to take another look at the mornings as well.

Zucker spent millions revamping CNN's morning show and came up with 'New Day.'

He might have called it 'New Flop' because that is exactly what it is. CNN has had trouble building an audience in the morning and Zucker proclaimed that New Day was going to break that curse.

It hasn't.... Monday's numbers show that ND pulled in just 141,000 viewers and just 21,000 in the demo for the 7-8AM time slot.

CNN insiders tell FTVLive that the show "is a failure."

"They need to blow it up and start over with new hosts, this just isn't work," said one CNN staffer to FTVLive.

We can hardly wait to see what Zucker does with prim time.

Stay tuned...