Yawn....Katie Couric Makes Yahoo Debut

 Couric and Robert Gates

Couric and Robert Gates

Katie Couric made her debut appearance as Yahoo's 'Global Anchor' Monday.

Couric's first assignment was to talk with former Defense Secretary Robert Gates about his new book. Not exactly ground breaking stuff, but it's early in her career as an Internet journalist. 

Couric announced in November that she would be leaving ABC News early to begin a new partnership with Yahoo. Couric continues to host her daytime talk show "Katie" for now, but the plug has been pulled and it won't be coming back after this season. 

Yahoo said Couric's responsibilities as 'Global Anchor' will include "groundbreaking interviews" to be featured on the website's homepage.

Not sure the Gates interview would be considering "groundbreaking."

 Couric said that what most excites her about the new gig with Yahoo is "there are no rules right now." So, she will do her next interview topless.

OK maybe not. 

But, we're betting it would increase traffic to Yahoo's homepage. 

By the way, do you know anyone that has gone to Yahoo since 1998?

Just asking......