Go to Hell Jim Cantore

 Jim Cantore

Jim Cantore

The Weather Channel's Jim Cantore has his panties in a wringer, because DirecTV has dropped TWC from its system.

Cantore says that DirecTV is dropping them over one penny.

"I feel it's just irresponsible for DIRECTV to drop The Weather Channel and deny their viewers access to critical and potentially life-saving information in times of severe weather. I think it’s a dangerous gamble to put lives at risk for a penny," Cantore writes.

Of course, that is one penny per subscriber and DirecTV has 20 million subscribers. So yeah, it's about a lot more than a penny.

And another point.

As someone that had DirecTV for years I can assure you that when nasty weather hits your area, you're not going to be able watch The Weather Channel or anyone else. DirecTV's single drops when the rain gets to be more than a few drops.

Lastly, Cantore writes in bold letters "Nobody can do weather like we do. Nobody."

Really? Let's take a look at The Weather Channel's line-up for Today.

At 2:00 we have 'Highway thru Hell' a show that does not seem to be anything about weather. The episode says that is about "Recovering a severely damaged trailer loaded with millions of plastic beads.

At 3PM if you're looking for weather coverage, you're out of luck. It's another episode of 'Highway thru Hell.' In this edition "Jamie and his crew wrestle to recover a trailer off a dangerous bridge; a multi-vehicle wreck turns deadly for a good Samaritan."

Well, at 4PM you can finally get your weather information you were looking for. 


Nope, it's another episode of....you guessed it....'Highway thru Hell.' We're guessing that the drive thru Hell is much longer than we all thought. This show has "Adam and Jamie employ some fancy rigging to try to save a wreck on Highway 1."

How about prime time? I'm sure we'll get some weather coverage then.

Let's check 9PM.


No weather coverage, it's a show called 'Prospectors' 

How about 10PM?

Back into Hell with another episode of 'Highway thru Hell. But don't bother watching it is the same episode that aired at 2PM.

At 11PM, you might want to forget the local news and turn on TWC to get the forecast for tomorrow. Don't bother because it is another episode of 'Highway thru Hell. A repeat of the 3PM show.

Cantore says that nobody covers weather like him and The Weather Channel.

I'm inclined to just tell him to go to Hell. 

And tell Jamie I said "hello" when you get there Jim.