Chicago Station Clams up when it's One of Their Own


FTVLive told you days ago that WBBM Investigative Reporter Dave Savani was busted on DUI and other charges.

You can bet if it was a top Chicago political figure that was arrested, WBBM would be all over the story.  But, since this is one of their own, the station has been mum on the story.

Robert Feder reports that WBBM-Channel 2, where Savini, 47, has been a Prominent figure since 2004, hasn’t said a word about it on any of its newscasts or on its website. Nor has the station issued any statement since court documents showed Savini’s blood-alcohol level registered 0.134 after he failed field tests and admitting consuming alcohol in the early hours of Jan 4.

Feder says that over the weekend he reached out to Marty Wilke, president and general manager of CBS 2, to ask her to comment on the matter and to clarify Savini’s employment status while he awaits a Jan. 21 court date. He told her that he believed the matter was serious enough to deserve a response from her personally. Feder pointed out that he always admired Wilke’s openness when she was general manager of Tribune Broadcasting WGN-Channel 9 before she joined CBS 2 in 2012 and totally clammed up.

He never heard back from her.

Instead he received the following email message from a spokeswoman for CBS 2: “At this time, we have declined all requests for comment and are referring all press inquiries to Dave’s attorney.” (Never mind that when the  Chicago Tribune called Savini’s attorney, Terry Ekl, he refused to comment.)

Feder points out and we agree 100% that It strikes is height of hypocrisy for a station that demands answers from everyone else not to respond to legitimate inquiries about one of its own employees.

Remember that the next time you see Savini, in all his self-righteous arrogance, chasing after some unwitting target who doesn’t want to talk to him. Or the next time CBS 2 makes a big deal about a minor celebrity who gets in trouble.

“Original Reporting” my ass. 

We couldn't have said it any better Robert.