CNN's Zucker Fires Back at Fox News and Roger Ailes


Three days ago, FTVLive told you how Fox News king Roger Ailes took a big shot at CNN boss Jeff Zucker's new strategy, a strategy that includes less news and more entertainment. 

Now, Zucker is firing back at FNC and Ailes.

At the TV Critics Association press tour Zucker insisted that "CNN is not and never will abandon our first and fundamental brand equity, which is news and breaking news," He said. 

Speaking about Roger Ailes and the new book coming out about him, Zucker "confirms basically what we've known all along," which is that the Republican Party is being run by Fox News, which is "masquerading as a news channel."

Fox News didn't seem very bothered by the Zucker quotes and suggested that Zucker’s ratings woes seem to be the motivation behind his own deflecting.

The bottom line is that if Roger Ailes and Jeff Zucker continue this pissing match, I'm going to have a lot of material.

Oh Boy!