Erin Burnett to Takeover Piers Slot at CNN?


Jeff Zucker has been talking a lot on how he plans to shake up CNN's primetime schedule.

Zucker has not let on what he plans to do, but Variety reports that ideas on the table, according to people familiar with planning at the network: an emphasis on new programming at 10 and 11 p.m.; a possible half-hour program, potentially featuring Bill Weir, former co-anchor of ABC’s “Nightline”; and, conceivably, moving 7 p.m. host Erin Burnett and 9 p.m. host Piers Morgan into other duties if their programs do not gain more traction. Even Anderson Cooper, who recently signed a new contract to stay at the network, could be placed at the helm of something else during the daypart, according to one of these people.

So, CNN might replace Piers Morgan at 9PM?!

Hmmmm....Where have I head that before.

Mad Blogger my ass.