Katie Couric Gunning for Diane Sawyer's Job?

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The National Enquirer says that ABC News Anchor Diane Sawyer is worried that Katie Couric is gunning for her job. 

The tabloid says that DiSy feels  her network stablemate breathing down her neck – and she doesn’t like it one bit.

Because Katie’s daytime talk show is showing signs of falter­ing, the former “CBS Evening News” anchor is eyeing Diane’s chair at “ABC World News,” sources tell The ENQUIRER.

Katie, 56, is not only Diane’s longtime rival, she’s also more than a decade younger and feels her true roots are as a newswoman. “After ABC gave Katie a big contract, Diane was wary that she’d be looking over her shoulder,” divulged a friend. “And she’ll battle tooth-and-nail any plan to oust her.”

has anyone told the folks at the Enquirer that Couric already hosted a network evening news show and it really didn't workout very well? 

If you ask us, there is absolutely no truth to this rumor.

You can read the full Enquirer reporter here.