Olbermann's Ratings Dropping Fast

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Keith Olberman's ratings are dropping faster than a pass from Tim Tebow (i just put Tebow's name in this story to get traffic from search engines).  

Olby's new show debuted on ESPN 2 back in late August. The first show like all those since have been all about Keith Olbermann as seen through the eyes of Keith Olbermann.   

Olby's first show pulled a good number with   319,000 total viewers, according to Nielsen.

On night two, that dipped to 200,000. And by night three on Wednesday, “Olbermann” drew less than a third of its opening-night audience, 86,000.

The show did not air in its regular timeslot on Thursday or Friday.

The big decreases suggest that people tuned in the first night merely out of curiosity, to see what Olbermann, who left ESPN in 1997 after a falling out with the network, would say.

Looks like Olbermann might not be as interesting as he thinks he is.  

H/T Medialife Magazine