Another Morrison Out of a Job

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CBS MoneyWatch Anchor Ashley Morrison is quitting her job over her commute.

Ashley is the wife of former WCBS Anchor Ron Morrison, who was arrested by police for chocking and threatening to kill his wife. 

Ashley abruptly resigned from her anchor job yesterday complaining that a new, longer commute from her Darien, CT home to Lower Manhattan was too much to bear.

Ashley broke the news on her Facebook page: 

"So after much careful consideration and thought I have quit my job at CBS News," Morrison wrote on Facebook Wednesday. "They want to start doing `Moneywatch 'from the NYSE in the mornings beginning next week and I just couldn't take on the additional 1.5-2 hour commute it would add to my day. I want to THANK YOU all for watching over the past 4 years at CBS and making me a part of your mornings on tv!! I'm very grateful for the opportunity I had at CBS, it was great fun and hopefully you'll be seeing me again soon!! XO"

As for Rob, he took a conditional guilty plea, admitting to "threatening" in the second degree and disorderly conduct for the February fracas. He still has to face the judge on other charges from the incident. 

The Morrison's have started living together again after the incident and now it appears that both are unemployed. 

Stay tuned.... 

H/T NY Daily News