Yawn.... CNN's Ethics Policy for Crossfire Hosts


Some blogs and others are making a big deal about CNN's change in their ethics policy for the hosts of Crossfire. 

The issue has been whether the hosts of the show need to mention on-air if they are funding or helping a politician or candidate?

CNN has now changed the ethics policy to say that the Crossfire hosts do not have to do this because their political position implies support already.

First of all, putting ethics and Crossfire in the same sentence is a joke in itself. But, FTVLive agrees with CNN on this one (I know shocking right?)

If you're watching Crossfire and you can't figure out that Newt Gingrich is in the can for Republicans or that Stephanie Cutter is a Democratic mouthpiece, then you really need to turn the channel to Sponge Bob, because you're an idiot.  

We can argue all day whether Crossfire is a decent show (so far it's not) and whether CNN should have hired Gingrich or Cutter (they shouldn't have) but, there is no reason for them to waste viewers time telling anyone with half a brain what they already know. 

The right and left can argue this one all they want. But, FTVLive is taking CNN's side and saying they are making the right move.