You'll Need a Lineup Card to Watch WNBC


During our long day and half vacation, WNBC made official what FTVLive FIRST reported back in August.

FTVLive told you that KCBS morning anchor Sibila Vargas had left the station and was bound for the Big Apple and WNBC.

WNBC has now confirmed our report and named Vargas anchor of its Noon and 6PM newscasts.

With placing Vargas on these newscasts, it appears that WNBC has become the only major station with a different anchor team for each of its weekday newscasts.

At most stations, the morning team sticks around to do the Noon news, and the late news team also pairs up for at least one afternoon newscast.

That's not the case at WNBC: 

Mornings: Darlene Rodriguez and Michael Gargiulo.

Noon- Rob Schmitt and Sibila Vargas

5PM- Tom Llamas and Shiba Russell

6PM- Chuck Scarborough and Sibila Vargas

11PM- Chuck Scarborough and Shiba Russell.

Watching WNBC's newscast will be like trying to tell who's married to who at a swingers convention.