Miami Anchor Canned for Streaming Station's Newscasts


FTVLive FIRST told you that WFOR morning Anchor Josh Benson had been fired from the station on Friday.

As we reported Benson has been at the Miami station for just a year, joining WFOR from WFTV in Orlando. 

The station has released a statement as to why the anchor was sacked: 

“WFOR-TV has terminated the employment of Josh Benson for his operation of a personal website that streamed the station's newscasts without the knowledge and consent of the station.” 

Word is that Benson posted stories on his blog about the web streaming service Aereo. CBS is locked in a lawsuit trying to stop Aereo from streaming their stations. The service had recently started operations in the Miami market. 

Benson has since taken his personal website down and his social media accounts have been deleted. 

FTVLive reached out to Benson, we are yet to hear back from him.