You can't Have it Both Ways Mr. Zucker


CNN's Jeff Zucker must not believe the statement "you can't have your cake and eat it too."

Yesterday FTVLive broke the story that CNN was scrubbing their Diversity Council. We pointed out that CNN boss Jeff Zucker wanted to disband the council because he wanted to make some personnel changes and some of the people he wants to get rid of, sit on the diversity council.  

A network spokesperson said that the FTVLive report was not true. But, then they also confirmed that the Council's Chairmen and Vice Chairman were out. We said that Zucker was looking a bouncing CNN's main booker Maria Ebrahimji. Ebrahimji was also the Vice Chair on the Council. The network confirmed after our report that Ebrahimji was now gone from CNN. 

It appears that the FTVLive report was dead on.


We hear that Zucker may also looking to replace CNN Executive Producer Geraldine Moriba (right). 

CNN has caught a lot of flack for their lack of diversity within the network. When Zucker first took over, he quickly announced that he was yanking Soledad O'Brien off the morning show. A number of minority groups chastised Zucker for the move. 

When Zucker talked about the disbanding the diversity council in a meeting with his tp managers, some were shaking their head. When one questioned Zuckeer about how this might look? Sources say that Zucker said "I'll get a pass, I'm trying to build a network."

We'll see if he gets that pass....and also if he can have his cake and eat it too. 

Stay tuned...