Geraldo is Being Sued by his Agent


Geraldo Rivera has been sued by his agent.

Rivera's agent William Morris Endeavor is suing the Fox News Anchor for not paying the agency the commission he owes.

WME says they represented Rivera in negotiations for his Fox News contract that ended in 2011, and said Rivera stopped making payments two years before then.

It's hard to write a check when you are using one had to hold the camera and the other to keep the towel up.

“This is an example of the rapacious greed of Hollywood agents. I’m going to fight them to the death!” Rivera fumed to the Daily News.

“No way I’m going to pay them one penny — ever!” Rivera said.

He insisted that since 1994, his contract has been exclusively with James Griffin, an agent who worked at WMEE until 2010, when he moved to Paragon Agency, based in Los Angeles.

“Jim Griffin has been my agent since 1985, when I got fired by NBC. He found me work and stuck with me through thick and thin,” Rivera said.

Stay tuned....