What If your Newsroom had these Rules?


The dying Newsweek has ordered their employees to shape up and dress up when it comes to the workplace.  

Newsweek has started a very strict dress code that some feel might border on the ridiculous. 

Here's a portion of the new dress code rules: 

"Midriffs are to be covered. Denim jeans, sweat suits, low-rise pants, sneakers, sandals, flip-flops, halter tops, camisoles, baseball caps, sweat suits, T-shirts, tank tops, micro mini-skirts, shorts or anything else that is deemed unprofessional or excessively distracting are inappropriate business attire and should not be worn to work. Hair should be clean, combed and neatly trimmed or arranged.

Shaggy, messy, and neglected hair is not permissible regardless of length. Also, well-groomed, business style hair of natural color is required. Open-toe sandals are not permitted. Body piercing (other than earrings) should not be visible. Inappropriately dressed employees will be asked to return home to change into suitable clothing. Tattoos and body piercings (other than earrings) must be covered."

Can you imagine if these rules would apply to your newsroom?

There won't be a Photographer on staff. And requiring you hair to be natural color rule would wipe out the Anchor and Reporters. 

The pircings and tattoo rule kill off the art department. Clean hair would wipe out engineering.

The only person left would be the Sales Manager and he's a asshole to begin with. 

If FTVLive applied the rules to our office, we would a lot be in trouble. We love sitting around with our nipple ring exposed.  

But that's just us. 

Last one to leave Newsweek, please get the lights.