Doesn't TV Already Have Those?


USA Today's Rem Rieder writes a piece Today asking in TV news should follow the ESPN's Tony Kornheiser?

Kornheiser issued the challenge to his more serious TV colleagues during a segment of CNN's Reliable Sources Sunday showcasing his show Pardon the Interruption. 

Kornheiser's show has it's own on air fact check that calls out on their mistakes, on air and in real time.

He thinks TV news should do the same. 

Here's what FTVLive thinks.

First of all if Kornheiser and his crew are making that many mistakes, maybe they should dump them and find some people that know what they are talking about. It would also save ESPN from having to hire a fact checker.  

As for TV station's hiring their own fact checkers?

Last time I looked, stations already had those....they call them Reporters and Producers. And if they get the facts wrong, dump them and fine someone to do the job better. 

End of story.