Life of an Anchor After Being Fired


Anchor Dayna Roselli was fired in June 2012 from KLAS in Las Vegas. She still doesn't know why? 

“They told me I did great work, and they loved me, but it was just a decision they were making. I didn’t do anything wrong,” she tells the Las Vegas Review Journal then laughs, “I didn’t break any rules!”

The station had her sign a one-year noncompete contract. That alone would chase most people out of town, looking for a job in another market. 

But Roselli loved Las Vegas and she didn't want to leave.  

“So that’s why I started a blog and really embraced Twitter even more than I did before. That was my only outlet to report news and share ideas with people.”

Her Twitter account exploded. She won the Las Vegas Weekly’s reader poll for best Twitter page.

She co-hosted a number of local events.

And now with her noncompete is over, she's taken a new job in radio.

She's co-hosting news and views 6-9 a.m. on KXNT and she says she loves radio.

“I like starting people’s day.”

Roselli also never said anything bad about KLAS after they fired her.  “You have to move on, and take the high road, and try not to be bitter about it, but look at it as another opportunity.”

Fans post photos on her Facebook page of their radios tuned to her station. They say things, like, “It’s great to hear you back on the air. I can hear your smile.”

“I’ve received some really long emails from people about what I’ve meant to them,” Dayna says.

“I actually get tears in my eyes sometimes, because I can’t believe I had an impact on someone. And then you realize, ‘Well, this is why I do it.’”

Roselli proves that there is life after getting sacked in TV news.  

H/T Las Vegas Review Journal