CBS Inks Deal with Twitter


CBS Evening News Anchor Scott Pelley has been on Twitter for over 2 years. In that time Pelley has sent out a total of 21 Tweets. 

But, Pelley has sent out more tweets in the past month (19) than he did the pervious 2 years (2). 

So, why has the anchor recently started Tweeting?

It might because his network just inked a big deal with Twitter and part of that deal includes CBS News and them running video on the social media site. 

Twitter and CBS have signed a deal that will enable the TV network to embed video clips including those from CBS News in its tweets.

The deal to add CBS as a major partner in Twitter's Amplify program was announced today.

The way the Amplify program works is users will see video clips from the social networking company's partners (such as CBS News) accompanied by short advertisements.

Those tweeted videos tie in with TV programs from Amplify partners, as well as commercials.

Twitter unveiled the program back in May. 

H/T CNet