Buying the IPhone 5S Live Blog

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You might  want to sit down for this one. I'm sitting in line waiting to buy an Apple iPhone 5s. I will be live blogging the  nail biting excitement right here.  To read the live blog, start at the bottom and work your way up. 

Here we go: 

9:36am: I'm the proud Dad of a new iPhone 5S! Heading back to the FTVLive World HQ. updates will be made when I get back.  

9:09am: I'm 6 people away from adopting my new baby! I hope it's a girl. Ill name her siri!

8:47am: Photog from Action News just jumped the line! He's now getting an iPhone without waiting in line! I will never watch that station again.  

8:41am: I'm inside the store!  Woo hoo! 

 8:30am: WJXT reporter is done with her shot and got in her car and left. Photog is stuck breaking down everything.  Fucking Reporters! 

8:26am: WJXT reporter has lost her phone. While covering the iPhone event. Oh... The irony.  

8:22am: WJXT reporter is going to interview the guy in front of me. She told him  pretend I'm just going to walk up on you. What?! Staging the news are we? 

8:19am: As the sun has come up I can't see my screen. I'm blind!!! 

8:17am: Someone e-mailed me and asked how I'm doing updates? I'm on an iPad Mini posting updates while standing and walking half a mile an hour. Good thing I'm not chewing gum as well. 

8:13am One of the news photographers is bitching about  standing with the camera. Dude... Back in my day I was slinging a TK76 and a deck. Google it kids.  

8:11am: The Line is moving faster than I thought. I might get in the store before dinner.  

8:04am My aching back!  

8:00am:  The store is open! I might see the front door in a hour or two. 

7:55am: Reporter is strutting around with his IFB hanging out of his ear. Oooooo! 

7:48am: Guys are comparing the size of their phones. The girls are telling the guys that size doesn't matter. I think they are still talking about phones.  

7:44am: I was told that my black phone will be "space gray" bad

7:32am: Store opens in half an hour. I'm sure I'm like still 2 or 3 hours from getting in.  

7::22am: Some guy just tried to cut in line. You never seen nerds get this pissed since the Harry Potter movie premier.  

7:12am: Well..... not getting the gold  iPhone. Guy from the Apple store just came out and said they only have 20. Damn.... Going with the black one.  

7:08am  : Jacksonville's Action News live news truck just showed up. Fucking media!!!

7:05am The homeless  guy is talking to his imaginary friend. I wonder why he needs a phone?  

7:03am: The sun is up, just figured out stinky is a girl.  

6:56am: Mall security is here!!! We're all safe now. 

6:48am: Damn! Stinky is also a smoker!  

6:45am: You haven't lived until you see  the sun rise over the Dick's sporting goods store.  

6:40am: If I have to pee, I'm going to have to ask stinky to save my spot. I knew ice tea was a bad choice.  

6:36am: Some guy from a local radio station wanted to interview me inline. I said "no thanks". Fucking Media ! 

6:32am:  Want to see my office for the next few hours. Check my Twitter at 

6:26am: I think the last time the guy next to me took a shower was during the Nixon administration. Hell the homeless guy smelled better.  

6:16am: A homeless  guy just asked why people are standing inline for apples. We explain to him it's for a phone. He ask "is everyone in line getting a free phone?" We say yep... He takes a spot at the end of the line.  

 5:59am: I am in line and standing behind about 100 people. Oh boy!