Hmmmm So Starbucks wasn't their Choice


It looks like Morning Joe (MSNBC) anchors Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough, were really not that found of Starbucks coffee after all.

For years you would see the Starbucks cups and logos all over the morning show.  

But, Starbucks ended their sponsorship with the MSNBC program and now you see when no one is paying them, Mika and Joe like Dunkin Donuts coffee. 

The sharp eyed peeps at BuzzFeed noticed the Dunkin Dounuts coffee cups on the set and asked MSNBC what happened to Starbucks? 

The network says that the formal partnership between Starbucks and Morning Joe  ended several weeks ago.

“MSNBC and Starbucks had a successful partnership for more than four years and we’re looking forward to working on new projects together in the future,” said an MSNBC mouthpiece.

Of course one Starbucks catches wind of Mika and Joe really like, we doubt they'll be back.