So Many Mistakes Made at Shooting


When Twitter came around, many in the media said it was a great tool, but you could not trust it for correct information. 

Now, it appears that is exactly what the TV news media has become.  

When the shooting went down at the DC Naval Yard, the media was all over the story. Depending on who you watched, there was anywhere from 1 to 3 shooters. The one shooter killed by police, was in the Navy or was a civilian contractor depending on with station you were watching.

And according to NBC and CBS, he had a different name. 

It would almost be comical if it weren't for the severity of the situation. And it is hardly the first time.

Just go back to April and the Boston Marathon bombings. The media bumbled their way through that coverage as well.  

Many times during the Boston story, the media reported things they heard on the scanner. Much of that information wasn't true.

So you would think maybe we learned a lesson?


WTTG, the Fox affiliate was quoting verbatim from the scanner on the Navy Yard shooting. They made a number of mistakes in their reporting.

The poster boy for the media mistakes in Boston was CNN's John King. King claimed the cops in Boston had made an arrest in the bombings. They didn't and King looked like a fool as he retracted the story on air. 


The poster boy this time is NBC's Chuck Todd.  

Todd looked like a fool and he used the fore mentioned Twitter to do it. 

Todd posted the name of the shooter on his Twitter account and then deleted those tweets and retracted his story. 

Todd, clearly doesn't understand Twitter and thinks you delete a Tweet and the story is over with. It's not. 

Todd then tried to use Twitter to explain his screw up and get back some of his reputation that he Tweeted away just minutes before.  

Screen Shot 2013-09-17 at 6.34.32 AM.png

Todd wasn't the only one to make some big mistakes in his reporting, but as we said, he's the poster boy this time. It is something that will take a very longtime for him to live down.  

The quest to be first and not correct has bit Todd in the ass.  

Todd is NBC's political reporter and maybe it would be best if he just stuck to politics, a place where facts never seem to really matter anyway. 

The next time there is a major breaking news event, Chuck Todd, like John King might want to just "Shelter in Place." 

Just saying....