It's Not the Picture you Want the News Director to See


A photo of WDSU (New Orleans) Anchor Randi Rousseau has popped up on the website The Dirty. 

Rousseau has been at the station the past 6 year and is currently the morning anchor. The website The Dirty has a post about Rousseau that doesn't paint a flattering picture to say the least.

The Dirty is a site that lets people send in pictures and anonymous posts of "famous" people.  

The poster in this case claims that Rousseau is an "out of control diva" and then makes some statements that border on line of libel. It seems that this person that posted this information also works at WDSU (or did) and has it out for the morning anchor. 

The poster also included a photo that we doubt Rousseau wants viewers and or especially her bosses to see. 


Which brings us back to the times we live in. Remember every photo snapped can easily find it's way onto the internet.  Be careful.

We are NOT including a link to the website.