Everyone is a Winner at Fox News


Fox News has unveiled their top secret plans for a new prime time line-up and everyone at FNC could not be more happy.  

Greta Van Susteren's show moves to 7PM which replaces Shepard Smith who heads to the "News Deck."  

Papa Bear Bill O'Reilly stays at 8PM. Megyn Kelly takes over Sean Hannity's spot at 9PM. Hannity goes to Greta's old spot at 10. 

So who was demoted in all of this? 

No one if you ask Fox News.... just like your kids little baseball games, everyone is a winner. 

Shep lost his 7PM show entirely, but he's still a winner. Greta is bumped down from prime time to fringe, yet she's still a winner. 

In fact, Greta took to her blog to say she's ecstatic to be moving to 7PM. In her blog post on Greta's headline was "

We earned this one! All of us – and that means you, loyal 10pm viewer, too!"

How a "loyal 10PM Viewer" help move her to 7PM is beyond us.

Fox News is still the number one cable news channel. But they were suffering viewership loss, particularly in the demos.  

Hannity has been losing viewers for quite awhile.  

Roger Ailes is a very smart man and he knew that if he didn't shake things up, FNC could continue to shed viewers. 

But, Ailes shows that all his years in politics were not wasted. The guy demoted people and yet they all feel like they are winners. 

Damn! He is good.