We're Sorry You Had to Watch That


While many of you get to sit down on Sunday afternoon and watch NFL professional football, we here in Jacksonville are stuck watch the Jacksonville Jaguars. 

The Jags are so bad that I think a high school team could beat them. 

But not only are Jacksonville residents stuck watching that awful excuse for a football team, Orlando viewers get stuck with the game as well. 

And WKMG in Orlando actually apologized to the viewers because they were stuck watching the Jacksonville Jokes.

WKMG issued an on-air explanation for why it aired the struggling Jaguars while many NFL fans probably would have preferred seeing the Denver Broncos-New York Giants game, a possible Super Bowl preview featuring Peyton and Eli Manning.

WKMG TV issued the scrolled message on Sunday. It read that NFL policy states the station must carry all Jags away games. The end of the message said: "We apologize for any inconvenience.''

Viewers then took to Twitter to remark on what many saw as an apology from the station.

But WKMG vice president and general manager Skip Valet says the arrangement is nothing new. He says for nearly two decades Orlando has been designated the secondary Jaguars market and has carried all the away games. As he put it: "I know it's frustrating, but as a CBS station in this market you have to carry the away games.''

We can't blame Valet, anyone stuck watching that team. we feel sorry for them as well.