Matt Lauer Out of the Mix Again

Screen Shot 2013-09-16 at 10.04.27 AM.png

When the Boston Marathon bombings happened, Today Show co-anchor Matt Lauer was 1800 miles away in West Texas.

NBC sent Lauer to the site of the Fertilizer Plant explosion in West Texas. He did not end up getting much air time as all eyes were focused on Boston.

Fast forward to Today, the Today Show took the wraps off their new set in studio 1A. Lauer missed the sets debut.

NBC sent Lauer to Colorado to cover the massive flooding.

But, once again, breaking news has Lauer taking a back seat. The multiple shootings at the DC Navy Yard has NBC and Today covering the breaking developments of that story and is taking away greatly from Lauer's air time. 

Poor Matt can't seem to catch a break.