Hasselbeck Debuts on Fox and Friends

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It's like the mothership called her home. 

This morning Elisabeth Hasselbeck made her long awaited debut on Fox and Friends.  

A couple of times Steve Doocy said it was "a new day" and Fox and Friends. A not so subtle poke at CNN's morning show of the same name. 

It seemed that Fox was more excited about their new set than they were with Hasselbeck. The show opened with Doocy and Brian Kilmeade throwing away the old curvy couch and then walking inside the studio to debut the new set.

They were then met by Hasselbeck who brought Doocy and Kilmeade coffee cups. Doocy complained his cup was empty.

We're gusiing that Hasselbeck will be doing more at F&F's then getting her co-hosts coffee.  

The former beauty queen says she is happy to be at Fox News and F&F's. “I’m a long-time fan,” she tells the NY Daily News. “My family watches them. I’ve feel like I’ve known them forever.”

She says her first goal is more modest. “These guys know how to run the plays,” she says. “It’s like joining a Super Bowl team. I’m just happy to have a playbook. I’m going to figure it out as I go along.”

And what about the conservative tag that almost always fronts her name? “What bothers me is that it’s so one-sided. You almost never see ‘wildly liberal’ in front of someone’s name.

“Any time you look at someone as a label, it’s unfortunate. My friends don’t all think the way I do — and that’s perfectly fine.”

Right now she's just happy being the new co-anchor of Fox and Friends.