Back on in Jax


Anchor Joy Purdy was on the air in Jacksonville. She left, then came back, then left again, then came back, then left again and now she is coming back again. 

According to a station's news release, 

Purdy is rejoining WJXT and will anchor weeknights at 5:30pm6:30pm and 11:00pm with Rob Sweeting.

Joy was a weekend anchor and reporter at WJXT from 1995-2000.  She left WJXT in 2000 to anchor newscasts at WFOR in Miami.  After leaving television earlier this year, she spent time with her young children and saw her stepdaughter graduate from the University of North Florida.  Now Joy is returning to television news.

When Purdy came back from Miami, she was anchor across the street at WTLV in Jacksonville.

The interesting thing is that the WJXT release doesn't even mention the fact that she was a one time anchor at the competition. They have no problem using the call letters of WFOR in Miami, but not of their competitor. So the station just left out that fact. 

Guess it's now time for the obligatory sound bites: 

 "We’ve been looking for just the right person to join Mary Baer, Tom Wills and Rob Sweeting in the evenings.  Joy is like so many of us, trying to find the time to balance all the things important in life between home and work.  To have her back with her original TV family at The Local Station and bring that perspective to our viewers who are trying to do the same thing is the perfect match," says Vice President and General Manager Bob Ellis.

Ms. Purdy commented, "I was able to spend important time at home with my baby.  She is now a toddler, sleeping through the night, eating table food, and learning a lot from her older 3-year-old sister!  Now that things have calmed down at home, I look forward to rejoining an incredible news team who are like family to me!"