Sex or Sleep? ABC's Newsman's Wife will Take the latter


ABC's Bob Woodruff's wife Lee defiantly enters into the world of too much information in an article she pens for Ladies Home Journal.

Woodruff says that after 25 years a marriage, sex just isn't the same and she rather sleep than take the time to do it. 

She writes:

"Somewhere between the midnight feedings and work deadlines, the chasm grew between my husband's needs and my desire. He once joked that he has the strength of 10,000 men after sex, and it seems to be true. So, like many a wife before me, I am not beneath doing it even when I don't feel like it just so he'll use some of that postcoital power to get the household chores done. (Unclogged drain joke, anyone?) There have been times I've even faked my own pleasure (oh, please, we've all done it) so I can just go to sleep already. But honestly, when things get going, once the motor turns over, well, it's pretty enjoyable on my end, too. It's getting there mentally that's the problem. Many days my libido feels like a shrunken head."

But, Woodruff says that she did try some role playing games after Bob's serious injury while covering the news in Iraq.  

Lee says one of her friends sent me a French maid costume with the message that it could help get better.

Lee writes:

"I was so unenthusiastic about role-playing it took at least a month before I got the nerve to show Bob the costume. I had been waiting on him hand and foot as well as caring for our children, all while trying to act cheerful and lift his spirits. Flouncing around in a lace-up, cleavage-baring mini was not on my list of care-giving duties. But when I pulled out the costume and a feather from the black mules got stuck in my mouth, we both giggled. And then there it was, the flicker of our old selves, ignited by the sexiest gift a long marriage has to offer -- a shared sense of humor.

"Put it on!" he begged with a smirk. So I did, and as I pranced around, half-horrified that a child might enter, we convulsed into genuine belly laughs. What happened next is strictly confidential."

Not sure about the ladies, but any guy reading the article has to cringe for Bob. 

Just saying....  

H/T Alissa Krinsky @TVNewser