Replacing Babs on The View?


As the Deathwatch for Katie Couric's talk show continues to heat up, it looks like she may already have her next gig lined up.

The NY Daily News says that “Katie” will likely be canceled by ABC this winter — but viewers could soon see the peppy TV queen replacing Barbara Walters on “The View.” 

“Katie,” which just started its second season, isn’t attracting a big audience despite efforts by network executives to make it more gossip-centric.

“They realize it will never be a success and ratings are down drastically from last season,” says our tipster. “The ABC development team has been working nonstop on new talk show pilots and are looking at high-profile names to replace her, hopefully by January.”

Talk about good timing — ABC heads happen to be in discussions to find a replacement on “The View” for soon-to-retire Walters.

“Katie may ultimately replace Barbara when she retires,” sources tell the Daily News.