Jodi Applegate: The Man that Raised Me was Not My Dad

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Longtime NY Anchor Jodi Applegate made a startling confession on WLNY's show 'on the Couch.' 

Guest Trisha Goddard was on the show and talked about how she found out that the guy she thoughts was her Dad, wasn't. 

Goddard said that "after my mother passed away, the man I had been told was my father sat down with me and my husband and said ‘I’m not your dad, I’ve known from the minute you were born.”

The story hit home for Applegate.

“You know what? I have a similar thing,” Applegate said. “I was led to believe me that the man that raised me — and I found out after my mother died that [he wasn't my father]. But I feel like he’s my father cause he did the hard work of raising me. Ultimately it’s not about the DNA.”

Here's the clip: