Moonves: Some CBS Stations Not Run Very Well (Updated)


CBS Boss Les Moonves claims that his network “virtually nothing” from its recent principled standoff with Time Warner, to win higher re-trans fees.

In a conference call with investors, Moonves also admitted that some of the O&O's are not doing as well as he would like and he is placing the blame on management.  

“There are a few stations in the CBS affiliate group that we don’t think are particularly well-run,” Moonves says.  

Update: In an earlier version on the story we implied that Moonves was talking about the CBS O&O's in the above quote. 

FTVLive was sent the quote and while it is accurate, Moonves was talking about some CBS affiliates that CBS might look to purchase and then run better.

We listened to the investor call and got the correct context of the quote. The CBS Boss was not talking about the O&O's.