Here we Go Again - Hottest News Chicks

Screen Shot 2013-09-12 at 1.22.38 PM.png

When radio stations run out of ideas (which happens often) they love to go to the old stand by.  

"Who is the Hottest News Chick?" contests are an easy way to draw listeners to the radio station's website.

93.3 in San Diego Frankie and Geena show is asking their listeners which SoCal newswoman is the hottest?

Of course we are expecting the TV stations to come out and say this is demeaning to their female journalists and they condemn any such contest.

The Anchors and Reporters featured in the contest will publicly say something close to the same thing..... and then when they get home at night, that battle carpal-tunnel pain clicking on their picture over and over again.

Here's a link to the contest if you care to partake or be outraged and the objectifying of these nice young women.