Chicago Anchor Sells Home for Big Profit


Yesterday, FTVLive FIRST told you that WFLD had hired a new morning anchor at the Fox O&O. 

The Evening Anchor, Robin Robinson is also making a move. But her move is not at the station (yet) but she's moving out of her house. 

On Monday Robinson sold her five-bedroom house in Chicago's Bucktown neighborhood for $1.175 million.

The anchor had lived in the home since 1997, when she bought it for $520,000. Nota bad profit there.  

On Tuesday, Robinson told Elite Street that with her youngest child in high school, she has wanted to downsize.  She said she is renting while evaluating her next move.

"It’s kind of refreshing," she said. "You feel a little lighter, with a lot less stuff.  A lot of my friends are doing the same thing.  But change is always hard.  My daughter's been there since she was born, and she doesn't like change.

H/T Chicago Tribune