Carson Daly Moving up at Today? (Updated)


It appears that NBC is quietly pulling the plug on the late night show "Last Call with Carson Daly." 

But, Daly's days at NBC might just be moving from nights to mornings.  

TV Guide says that NBC is looking to give Daly a much larger presence on the Today Show.

Daly has been popping up on Today more often in the 9AM hour. But, he also filled in for Matt Lauer on a day Lauer was off. 

Daly has no experience as a Journalist, something in the past that has been a prerequisite for hosts of Today.

David Brinkley just flipped over one more time.  

Update: Matt Lauer sent this tweet out shortly after we posted this story. Looks like it is now confirmed that Daly is getting a much bigger role at Today: 

Screen Shot 2013-09-12 at 7.55.27 AM.png