Phoenix Station Takes the Wraps off New Set


KSAZ has taken the wraps off their new news set and it is impressive to say the least. 

The Phoenix station unveiled the set on Sunday night's newscast and the colors just popped off the screen.

"KSAZ wanted something out of the box; the ability of their talent to move around the entire set and not be static. The large video wall and touch screen were important components for them to be more engaging with their audience. The resulting design is sleek and high tech, providing KSAZ with limitless venues for presenting news stories.”~Kartik Dakshinamoorthy, Scenic Design Director, Devlin Design Group.

The new KSAZ HD news set is sophisticated, fresh and modern in design blended with up to date technology including multiple video walls and a large mobile touch screen. The large touch screen incorporates interactive technology that allows them to share Facebook and Twitter comments in real time! As stated during their debut last night, “News is no longer a one way communication!”

The news set is quite expansive and is comprised of large scenic walls with color changing back-lit graphics which are complimented by touches of red, brushed aluminum, acrylics and eye catching floor graphics. A large 3x6 video wall defines the space and gives the set an overall look that is modern and high tech with clean, simple architectural lines.

For added versatility, the design also includes a large rolling kiosk with a 2 vertical monitors and a mobile 65” touch screen that can be used flat or upright; both of these rolling units can be used throughout the set providing for multiple venues in presenting breaking news stories, weather and sports.

The new set also includes The Arizona Morning show which has a warm and inviting color palette. The set is interspersed with textured brick and copper finishes next to backlit skyline graphics. A large 70” monitor sits behind the creamy leather sofa providing added depth to the set and increased presentation and branding capabilities.