Doppler The Weather Cat is Retiring


WSTM (Syracuse) says that  Doppler the Weather Cat, a fixture on station's weather reports for many years is retiring.

The station plans on-air celebrations starting Thursday at 4:00 a.m. and going on throughout the day.

Doppler, who was adopted by the television station from the SPCA, will live in the loving home of an experienced animal welfare advocate in Central New York.

"Doppler is ready to retire," CNYCentral Chief Meteorologist Wayne Mahar said. "Like all of us, Doppler would prefer to retire while still in relatively decent health. Few people realize that Doppler is 16 years old, that's 84 human years, an age when most of us would have already retired," Mahar said.

The station claims that Doppler wanted to retire, but FTVLive hears that his contract was not renewed. 

It sucks getting old....right Doppler?