Jeff Zucker's Son Quits Board of Directors Job


While most 15 year olds are cutting grass this summer to make a little extra money, the son of CNN boss Jeff Zucker has resigned from the board of directors tech startup Waywire.

15 year old Andrew Zucker has resigned from the company that co-founded by New Jersey senatorial candidate Cory Booker.

A Waywire Spokesperson  claims that Booker had nothing to do with the young Zucker's hire. No word if the spokesperson pants were on fire at the time of that statement.

It's unclear what led to little Zuck's resignation, which was quietly disclosed to Fortune by a CNN spokesperson. is part of CNN Money which is produced in partnership with CNN.

No word yet what Andrew Zucker will be doing next, but since his Dad runs CNN, we're guessing he won't need to get a paper route.