Here Comes the (Casey Anthony) Judge


Move over, Judge Judy.

Orange-Osceola Chief Judge Belvin Perry Jr., who gained national fame through the Casey Anthony trial, could headline his own court show in fall 2014.

"We've been keeping it very quiet. We're partnered to do a judge show," producer Jim Lichtenstein told the Orlando Sentinel on Monday. Lichtenstein covered the Anthony trial as a freelance producer for NBC's "Today."

"There's high interest in the man," Lichtenstein said. "A year ago, we tried and it didn't work."

At that time, syndicators thought interest in the Anthony trial might be a fluke, Lichtenstein said. What changed? The Jodi Arias and George Zimmerman trials and the sentencing of Ariel Castro suggest there is a big daytime audience for court shows.

"The fact that Judge Perry is the real thing certainly adds to the interest," Lichtenstein said. "There's never been a judge who on day one of the show he's a household name. When Judge Judy started, nobody knew who she was."

Perry, 63, could not be reached Monday, but court spokeswoman Karen Levey said in an email to the Sentinel: "I can confirm that Judge Perry is exploring his options, including TV judge shows."

No deal has been finalized, but more discussions with syndicators are in the offing, Lichtenstein said.

"They all know who he is. The phone is ringing again," Lichtenstein said.

No pilot has been shot, Lichtenstein said.

"You can sell a show without a pilot," he said. "He's so well known, it makes it so much easier. There's a wealth of material on him."

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