Did CNN Try and Fool Viewers with Photo?

Screen Shot 2013-08-07 at 5.49.13 AM.png

The story of the two kids killed by a escaped python was as bizarre as it was shocking. 

Many news outlets, including CNN covered the story of two young Canadian boys who were apparently killed when a python escaped from its cage.

In their coverage, CNN had a photo of two boys with a snake crawling up on one boys with the Dad standing right there.  The little boy is nose to nose with the giant snake!

But, the thing was this was not the snake that killed the boys. In fact boys pictured in the photo were not the boys that were killed. The man in the photo was not the Dad. 

What the hell was CNN trying to pull off here? 

The cable net used a stock photo from Getty Images and if CNN wasn’t trying to pass this off as a photo of the two victims, it certainly came across that way. 

Here's the video of the CNN report: