Shuffling Shows at CNN


It looks like my 2 hour nap time is being cut to 90 minutes. 

On September 16th, CNN is cutting Wolf Blitzer's "The Situation Room" from two hours to 90 minutes.

Many a day when I was tired, I could flip to Wolf's show on CNN and fall fast asleep until it was over. 

But now, CNN Boss Jeff Zucker has decided to knock a half hour of Blitzer's show and that's not the only change.  

As CNN makes way for old/new Crossfire, changes are a coming. 

Crossfire will air at 6:30PM and Anderson Cooper will now be live @ 10PM. That slot was were CNN was airing repeats of Coop's 8PM show.   

Andy's 10M show will be called "AC360 Later" and CNN promises that Cooper will have a "provocative and informed panel conversation" on his new show. 

We can hardly wait.