Ladies Night


The PBS sausage fest of Jim Lehrer and Robert MacNeil is a thing of the past.

Now it's time for the ladies to have a shot. 

Gwen Ifill and Judy Woodruff will fill those roles when they become co-anchors and managing editors of "PBS NewsHour" in September.

"Gwen and I love working together and appreciate the trust viewers put in the 'PBS NewsHour' both on TV and online," Woodruff said in a statement.

"We've successfully worked side by side for many years covering conventions, elections and countless other news events," Ifill said. "We make a great team."

They will be co-anchors Monday through Thursday. Woodruff will anchor solo on Fridays when Ifill will host "Washington Week."

On "NewsHour," the women are taking positions that were first held by men: Jim Lehrer and Robert MacNeil. 

H/T Orlando Sentinel