Jeff Bezos: Print will be Dead in 20 Years


News that Jeff Bezos bought The Washington Post for $250 million has people wondering what the "Amazon Guy" has planned for the paper. 

It will be interesting, since back in 2012 Bezos said that he felt people won’t pay for news on the web and that print will be dead In 20 years.

Going by that logic, it doesn't seem like buying the WoPo was really in plane for Bezos. 

In 2012, in an interview with the German paper, Berliner-Zeitung, Bezos said at the time that no one would bother paying for news online and print would be dead in 20 years.

“There is one thing I’m certain about: there won’t be printed newspapers in twenty years. Maybe as luxury items in some hotels that want to offer them as an extravagant service. Printed papers won’t be normal in twenty years.” said Bezos.

So what plans does Bezos have for WoPo and will he pressure his new newspaper to accelerate abandonment of their print version?

Time will tell and you can bet no one is more excited than Howie Kurtz.

H/T TechCrunch