CNN Confused on Pennsylvania Shooting


If you believe CNN, then bullets fired by a gunman near Philly, killed people all the way across the state in Pittsburgh. 

CNN got confused when three people were killed and several more were wounded in a shooting at a town supervisors' meeting in eastern Pennsylvania.

The shooting occurred in Ross Township. A quick Wikipedia search shows that there are 3 Ross Townships in Pennsylvania.

CNN had a 1 in 3 chance in getting it right and they missed.  

In a graphic repeated over and over, CNN erroneously reported that a fatal shooting had occurred at the Ross Township municipal building north of Pittsburgh.

The phone started ringing at the Ross Police Department outside of Pittsburgh and the Ross Municipal building after CNN reported, in the graphic, that the shooting occurred in the Ross Township north of Pittsburgh.

"We decided to issue a news release to clarify the situation," said Ross Detective Brian Kohlhepp. "CNN called and I told them it wasn't us, but the graphic was still on TV."

Kohlhepp said he talked to the network shortly after 8 p.m., but even an hour later, the incorrect graphic remained (picture).

While CNN has shown ratings growth under new boss Jeff Zucker, it appears that the network has been more prone to making mistakes in their reporting. 

Which may mean that the network has adapted the old slogan "Never let the Facts get in the Way of a Good story."

H/T Richard Cook