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FTVLive did not take one day off in almost 200 straight days.  

Last week, we took off a single day and we are going to take off two more. Starting now.

While the slow news month of August wraps up, we want to enjoy two days off in a row. Something we haven't done in over 6 months. 

As the Fall TV season starts to ramp up and new newscasts are being launched, FTVLive wanted to get a couple of days off before things start heating up. 

So, we have made the executive decision to take off the rest of Today and Tomorrow.

We have one goal and that is to stay away from the computer and our phone for 48 hours. Is that even possible?

We're about to find out. 

We plan on some golf, some paddle boarding and just plain old down time. Most importantly, we're looking forward to sleeping past 5AM for a couple of days. 

If all goes as planned, you will see us back here on Saturday and it is more than likely that we won't be taking off any other days for months. 

By the way, if you have enjoyed FTVLive these past 6+months, why not take the time to some a small token of support our way. You don't know how much it is appreciated.  

And to those of you that have sent us a few bucks to help keep the server running, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.