Viewers Appear to be 'All Out' when it Comes to 'All In'


MSNBC was featured in a long article in The New Yorker this week.

The struggling cable news network that admits they don't like to cover news should be happy that anyone is paying attention to them. 

The story hits on a number of things going on at MSNBC, including the lack of ratings for Chris Hayes' 8PM show.

As FTVLive FIRST predicted months ago, Hayes' is finding it very hard to get viewers to watch his show 'All in.'

MSNBC trying to prop up Hayes' show by moving Chris Matthews' show to 7 PM, in what appears to be an attempt to provide Hayes with a more solid lead-in.

MSNBC president Phil Griffin was quoted in the story, "I'm building for the future," he said. "We're making a bet that this is what our audience wants." 

What does Hayes have to say?  

 "Obviously, the numbers are bad right now," Hayes said. 

Thank you Captain Obvious!