Olbermann Back on ESPN2

Screen Shot 2013-08-27 at 9.01.43 AM.png

Last night Keith Olbermann rebuilt the bridge he burned down at ESPN. 

Olbermann launched his new show on ESPN 2 and in a surprise to no one, the show was about....Keith Olbermann.

The show titled "Olbermann" (did you think it would be anything else?) featured clips of Keith Olbermann which of course were watched by Keith Olbermann.  

The show featured more Keith Olbermann and finished with Keith Olbermann saying "I've done all the damage I can do for one night."

We're guessing that at some point Olbermann will stop talking about Olbermann and we'll get some sports news.  It is ESPN after all. 

Then again, we still can't find any music on MTV which is supposed to be a network about music.