Out the Door in LA


Word is that KCBS morning anchor Sibila Vargas has quietly left the Los Angeles

Her bio has been stripped from the station's website and rumors say she's headed to the Big Apple.  

Left Coast sources tell FTVLive that Vargas is headed to WNBC in New York. This would be the second anchor to head to 30 Rock. KCBS anchor Rob Schmitt, who also recently left to go to WNBC.

But the question is, where would Vargas fit in at WNBC?  

With veteran Darlene Rodriguez in the mornings, and Shiba Russell having replaced Sue Simmons last year, where is Vargas fitting in?

Also, can a station really have a Shiba and a Sibila on the same staff? 

Stay tuned for the answers to these very important questions.